Need of Reforms in Present Day Education System

The growth of education sector in India has been fueled by the positive economic sentiments of the country. Considering this positive growth, Indian government has announced a substantial 24% increase in the investment made for the development of education industry. Undoubtedly, education sector is one of the largest and flourishing service based segment of the Indian economy. Not only this, the annual revenue contribution of this sector in the economy is also extravagant.

Despite of all these positive developments happening for pacing up the progress in this industry, still the growth has been stunned and blocked by numerous factors and issues. Some of these factors include scarcity of well qualified and trained professionals, lack of well developed infrastructure and irrelevant course content and learning. Adding to this, UNESCO, in year 2010 published an annual report stating a figure of 60,000 villages and slums across the country, where students are not receiving even primary education. This situation has resulted in because of improper and careless implementation of the programmes and aids provided by the government.

Fee and compulsory education scheme is one of the major initiatives taken by the government in the direction of promoting education in the country. But, if one looks back at the achievements, there is still a long way to go. The present education system facing a major dearth of qualified teachers and trainers, without which there can not be any further progress in the developments.

As per other aspects of improvement in this sector are concerned, government need to be more aggressive in its policy implementation. Until resources are reaching the right destination, there is no point in efforts in wrong direction. Apart from this, common people also have to understand the importance of education their lives. They need to understand that education is the only way out for poverty, unemployment and other financial and social evils of society. It is very important to convey them with a thought that education can only enlighten the darkness in of their lives. So, it is utmost important that one should make a move towards it and bring a ray of hope.

Last but not the least, government should think of integrating technology along with teaching methods. This will definitely help in making students making their stand with other counterparts. This technology infusion will also help in boosting growth and standard of management colleges and will make them at par with international universities.

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