How to Prepare For Your Engineering Seminar Presentations?

In Indian Engineering curriculum, by the end of the sixth semester, every engineering student should present a seminar on a topic related to his or her field. Unless you have done presentations earlier you will find it difficult to do one. Your presentation will be followed by questions from your professors and colleagues and your performance will be counted in your internal marks.

The first step in preparing your seminar is to decide on the topic you are going to present. With so many daily advances on technology it is often difficult to fix a seminar topic that is fully satisfying. Since new technologies are rarely mentioned in regular reference books students often find it difficult to get more information on them.

This is where online references come into play. Internet is a vast ocean of information. Information on every technological advancement is more or less wholly available on internet, even FREE. This vast, free source of information can be used for your presentations.

Today there are lots of informational websites targeting students of all aspects whether engineering, medical, economics or anything. Now many websites are providing valuable references for your seminar topics. Some of these websites even have downloadable full seminars which were presented in different institutions. They prove to be very valuable references for your seminar presentations.

While choosing between different seminar topics be sure to pick up one that adds value to you. There are many technological advances people usually talk about and know about. There are many other technologies people have not even heard of yet. Finding such a topic for seminar presentation will help you get better scores both because your audience will be curious to hear about them and also because since the technology is not well known, many of your professors may not know about it in detail and usually in the question session your opinion on the subject will be taken as final.

Another thing to take note of is preparation of your slides. Make sure your slides are clear and visually appealing. Stick to simple slide themes. Make sure that the audience can follow your slides while listening to you. Usually the font-size of titles and matter is detailed to you by the faculty before you submit your seminar topics. Try to follow their instructions and make sure your slides project all the important points.

Be prepared for questions. If you are brilliant enough you can make the listeners ask questions which you want them to ask. Also do not include references unless you actually referred them. It is important that you try some mock presentations on the subject before you appear for your actual one. This will help you get more confidence and avoid stage fear.

The tips mentioned in this article are simple but very useful in making your presentation a success. Follow them and you will do a wonderful presentation.

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