How to Grow Your Business Presentation Skills – Fast!

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to update your professional presentation skills?

Many of my executive clients and students feel that they have no time to learn. It’s tough to find the time to stay fresh and on top of trends within the time constraints of a hectic schedule.

This is why I recommend a method that may surprise you.

Use your natural curiosity.

You see, many people approach presentation skill development with the attitude of: “I must do this!”

While it may be true that your career depends on learning to communicate better in front of a group, this approach sends you in the wrong direction. It’s like going on a diet because you have to.

Guess what’s going to happen?

If you’re like me, you’re going to grab some chocolate. Or maybe munch on some greasy chips instead of healthy carrots.

It’s human nature.

Hardly anyone likes to do what he or she mustdo.

Instead, we like to do what wewantto do.

If you think about your favorite activities, hobbies or sports, what do you notice? You like doing them. Most likely initially you were attracted to these activities because you of a natural sense of curiosity. Something about these activities inspired you to go deeper.

This is exactly what you want to look for when learning presentation skills. Look for areas where you feel an attraction. Follow your own curiosity and sense of exploration.

Perhaps you’re fascinated with writing. Study script writing. Maybe you want to learn how to be more energetic in delivery. Start there. Or you might want to know about storytelling. Fantastic. Make stories your beginning point.

There is no one correct place to begin. The best place to start is at the point that interests you.

Let me give you an example.

One of the places that attracted me in presenting was working at a whiteboard. I got fascinated by it. I learned to map out ideas. I studied how to organize information, draw sketches, and tell a story. I especially got curious about why communicating with whiteboards works so well to get people talking.

Perhaps you’re not sure what you like best. That’s not a problem. Let your natural curiosity lead you. Allow your true thirst for learning emerge.

It’s often said that curiosity is the best guide for learning a new skill. Once you get deeply interested, you’ll follow the thread of your own interest. To others, it will look like intense discipline. Even obsession.

Don’t worry what it looks like to others. Just go with it. Get engaged and get started.

If you aren’t sure where to start, pick an online course that gives you a broad range of ways to learn. Don’t worry about the order of the content. Instead, focus on how you like to learn best.

This also invites your natural curiosity to kick into play. Watch videos. Take interactive e-learning classes in topics that appeal to you. Score your skills with fun spot quizzes. Trust your own innate sense of exploration.

By working with a wide range of mediums, you can follow your natural urges and preferences in learning.

Follow your natural curiosity in learning new presentation skills. As you dive deeper, you can expect a rapid improvement in how you give business presentations. 

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